• I spend too much time and money on verifying upcoming investments
  • my decisions about new investments are based on intuition only
  • the product I am investing in does not get the assumed traction
  • the product I am investing in has not started making profit



we will verify the potential of your investment and we will limit mistakes at the capital entry stage.

We will provide you with a plan of development acceleration for your existing product or digital service. We will support the realization of market unverified business projects.

At ICONARIS we understand that the most critical resource that restrains the investor is time and that a thorough analysis of a given service/product's potential is the most crucial area of risk verification.

Selecting projects and verifying product's chances of success in an efficient manner is one of our key competences. We have devised a quick and efficient model for verifying the potential and maturity of business ideas.

By analyzing people’s engagement in real market prototypes of products and services, we eliminate presumptions and guesses about their needs.

We remove subjectivity and opinions from the creative process. Putting forward hypotheses, we find answers through experiments. We convert the acquired data into business, design and communication decisions.

By combining Lean Startup, Design Thinking and Service Design with advanced analytics we have developed our own distinctive methodologies: Design by Numbers and Customer Journey by Numbers.

We are engaged in every aspect of business development creating and implementing repeatable processes for unique solutions. The goal of the entire process is to anticipate and remove causes of business failures.

  1. We believe that every modern company is a market prototype undergoing constant development.
  2. We don't trust big ideas, we believe in hypotheses verified by experiments.
  3. We don't trust in expressed opinions, we believe in data that comes from real actions.
  4. We're not satisfied with "this-is-obvious" conclusions, we trust in advanced analytics.
  5. We don't believe in haphazard actions, we believe in methodologies
  6. We believe that all of the above is a necessity to foster and accelerate inventions

Quality products and services are created by efficient project teams. Our team includes exceptional people representing various specializations, who do what they're best at on a daily basis. There are people with corporate and advertising agencies experience, as well as people who worked for start-ups and software development companies.

write to us: office@iconaris.com

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